The Oaxacan Kitchen on Feb 28, 2023 at 6:00PM

The Oaxacan Kitchen on Feb 28, 2023 at 6:00PM

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Looking for some authentic Mexican food in Montana? Look no further. Chef Claudia Krevat loves to share her passion for culture and international foods with us and we're thrilled to welcome her back for a hands-on Mexican class. The Oaxaca region in Mexico is know for the typical staples of chiles, corn and beans, but because of the microclimate of this area, the ingredients are extremely fresh and flavorful. In fact, the city of Oaxaca was named Travel + Leisure’s Best City in the World in 2022, calling it a “dream gastronomic destination.” And yet, you can get those flavors right here in Bozeman!

Known as the land of seven moles, mescal, and chiles, Oaxaca is much more than that. Oaxaca represents the culinary heart and soul of Mexican cuisine. We start our evening with a fresh juice, agua fresca. Pineapple and nopal? Or melon and lime? Great recipe for a margarita mix.

Class Menu:

During our two-and-a-half hours together, we tackle vital ingredients and essential techniques for preparing sauces, like a red enchilada sauce, with dried chiles. Chef Claudia will show you a few of the hundreds of chile varieties, their uses, and applications. You will make tortillas with the heirloom corn masa of Masienda ( not available in local grocery stores) and use them to make chicken enchiladas. A side of fluffy white rice with cinnamon corn is an excellent accompaniment for the enchilada. For dessert, count on delicious blue corn pumpkin-cacao tamales.

Wine Pairing will be finalized shortly. 

*To purchase the wine pairing, please stop by The Wine Gallery. Let them know you are purchasing these wines for a LaCuisine class and receive special pricing. The Wine Gallery is open until 6:00PM, so either pick up earlier in the week or stop by on your way to class -- they are literally across the street.

**Please note our class policies at Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cancellations. Our chefs have worked very hard to prepare for the evening's event and ingredients are purchased in advance. If you call to let us know about a conflict, La Cuisine may be able to help find a replacement for your seat(s) using our waitlist. If the seat can be filled, we may be able to credit your class for another date. Alternatively, we recommend you coordinate for someone else to take your seat(s).

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