Aebleskiver & Dutch Pancake Pan

Aebleskiver & Dutch Pancake Pan

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The Mineral B Aebleskiver-Poffertjes Pan is made of carbon steel - 99% iron and 1% carbon, the most natural cooking material praised by Chefs around the world. Lighter than cast iron and more heat conductive than stainless steel, this Aebleskiver-Poffertjes pan becomes naturally non-stick after seasoning, without any chemicals or synthetic coating, and gets better the more you use it. Use it to make Traditional Dutch Aebleskiver and Poffertjes, among other things!

Handmade in France. 99% Iron, 1% Carbon. Signature beeswax coating protects against oxidation. Traditional French handle with epoxy coating. Seasoning required.

-Diameter: 4.75"

-Cooking surface: 3.75"

-Weight: 1lbs

-2.5mm thick