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Aloha! Hawaiian Axis Deer with The Wild Game Chef (Seating #1) on Feb 21, 2023 at 6:00PM

Aloha! Hawaiian Axis Deer with The Wild Game Chef (Seating #1) on Feb 21, 2023 at 6:00PM

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The Wild Game Chef & MeatEater Contributor, Rick Matney will bring axis deer back to Montana from his annual hunting trip to Hawaii and he's ready to share his expertise and fabulous menu with you.

Rick's classes are extremely popular given his career and lifestyle as a hunter and angler, chef and host to fishing tour groups at his Alaska lodge. Rick not only leads the cooking class, but he'll share processing tips with you that will maximize your own hunting treasures and help remove stereotypes around wild game meat.


Venison Vindaloo (Bone-in Front Shoulder) with Saffron Rice & Naan Bread.

Bone-in, whole sections of meat are becoming more and more popular. By leaving the bone in, you get very unique and complex flavors from the tissues that break down and melt and then get reabsorbed into the meat.
Most often, people use traditional braising methods (browning the meat and partially
submerging it in stock with onions, tomatoes, and celery) to make this meat tender and delicious. But that’s not the only way. Here, we create an Indian-style vindaloo dish using a whole bone-in shoulder with the shank attached. By browning the meat on a Traeger, we’re adding a smoky element as well. (Alternatively, you can use a large cookie sheet and an oven.)

Pair this with some homemade naan and wild rice, and you’ve got a feast for the whole family — and maybe a friend or two.

Wine Pairing 2021 Vincent Roussely Canaille Gamay France $22.95 This french gamay is full of bright red fruit flavors and a zippy acidity that will be a playful pairing with vindaloo.

*To purchase the wine pairing, please stop by The Wine Gallery. Let them know you are purchasing these wines for a LaCuisine class and receive special pricing. The Wine Gallery is open until 6:00PM, so either pick up earlier in the week or stop by on your way to class -- they are literally across the street.

**Please note our class policies at https://lacuisine-bozeman.com/pages/class-policies. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cancellations. Our chefs have worked very hard to prepare for the evening's event and ingredients are purchased in advance. If you call to let us know about a conflict, La Cuisine may be able to help find a replacement for your seat(s) using our waitlist. If the seat can be filled, we may be able to credit your class for another date. Alternatively, we recommend you coordinate for someone else to take your seat(s).

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