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Amber Tumbler Jar With Black Metal Lid - 11 Ounces - La Cuisine

Amber Tumbler Jar With Black Metal Lid - 11 Ounces

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Farmhouse Kitchen (Citrus-Cinnamon-Sugar-Vanilla)

Wonderful Glass Tumbler. Includes Black Metal Lid. The translucent glass glows with the flame within. 11 ounces. 3.4"H x 3.2"W. Sold in lots of 3. About Us (and Our Candles) We (Marcy and Patrick) live in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana with our three children, who are 5th generation Montanans. We love the 1913 farmhouse where our family lives, and where the USA-grown soy wax candles are made. Montana Farmhouse Candles takes immense pride in our products. Our customers notice that our hand-poured candles are more fragrant, right to the last burn, than others that they have tried. Additionally, MFC uses a large selection of cotton wicks that are appropriately sized for each vessel. This helps to ensure a long-lasting burn that uses over 99% of the wax. We seek to help our customers leave the chaos of everyday life and enjoy cozy, calm, and beautiful. See our complete line of fragrances, descriptions and fragrance collages at MontanaFarmhouseCandles.com.