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Soak 'n' Seal Conditioner & Serum 2pc Set - La Cuisine

Soak 'n' Seal Conditioner & Serum 2pc Set

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The Soak 'n' Seal Combo is a package that includes our Bumblechutes Hydrating Wood Serum and All-In-One Wood Conditioner. Buy together and save on this package deal!

All-In-One Wood Conditioner is the professional grade wax that seals in the Hydrating Wood Serum and protects wooden kitchenware. This unique batch of ingredients will provide protection for wood while also providing a warm look that will highlight the natural colors and leave a silky-smooth surface. Our All-In-One Wood Conditioner also helps to prevent chipping, swelling, and even protects against UVA and UVB rays. Our Beeswax only comes from certified beekeepers in the United States, and each container specifies the city and state that the beeswax comes from. Hydrating Wood Serum is the professional grade oil that soaks into the wood to saturate wood fibers, rid harmful moisture, and protect your wooden kitchenware from ultraviolet rays. This serum will provide a level of protection for wood from the inside out. The Hydrating Wood Serum also helps to prevent chipping, swelling, and even helps to maintain the color of the wood! This all-natural formula has a vibrant lemon scent that will keep your room smelling clean for days.