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pizza pan, 12.5"

Pizza Pan, 12.5"

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Perforated round pie pan with low edge, in blued iron, ideal for cooking tarts, puff or shortbread pastry, or pizzas... Blue color of iron due to a surface thermal treatment: temporary protection against oxidation.

Perforations: shape, size and dispersion designed to optimize the flow of hot air.

Excellent heat transmission: Maillard reaction facilitated for crispy golden pastries.
Shorter cooking time. Durable pizza pie pan.

Tip: to be combined with a mat or baking paper, grease well before use.
Do not use for cold working, or with liquid or semi-liquid mixtures.
Care: scrape, brush after use. Lightly grease to protect iron. Store in a dry place.

Not dishwasher-safe. Do not wash with detergents.