Roll Up Some Sushi on Feb 01, 2022 at 6:00PM

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We're partnering with Dave's Sushi to offer you a night out learning how to roll sushi.  We will learn the differences between nigiri, sashimi and maki, while enjoying a beautiful buffet of various rolls. Chef Eric has a robust evening planned with plenty of hands opportunities.

The evening will begin with some simple maki to start to get the feel for spreading rice and placing ingredients. We'll enjoy a veggie maki with cucumber, carrot, and avocado. 

From there we’ll branch into uramaki, otherwise knows as inside out, or rice out. Roll choices will include: California, Spicy Tuna, Salmon, Ahi and Hamachi.

Chef Eric will demonstrate more advanced rolls with fish or avocado toppers, and each participant will be able to create their own “chef's choice” based on the knowledge they’ve gained through the class.  Examples of more advanced rolls would be a rainbow, caterpillar or s’happenin. Fish options for chef’s choice rolls will include unagi, snow crab, spicy tuna, ahi, salmon, and hamachi.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Wandering Poet Junmai Ginjo $34.95 for 720ml $16.95 for 300ml

Notes of banana and ripe honeydew with a clean, crisp acidity that highlights its light-to-medium body. The lingering finish moves from juicy fruitiness to green, herbal notes making it a great food companion.

*To order the wine pairings, please contact The Wine Gallery by 3PM the day prior to the class by calling (406) 586-8828. Please let them know you are purchasing these wines for a LaCuisine class for special pricing and delivery. 

**Please note our class policies at Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cancellations. Our chefs have worked very hard to prepare for the evening's event and ingredients are purchased in advance. If you call to let us know about a conflict, La Cuisine may be able to help find a replacement for your seat(s) using our waitlist. If the seat can be filled, we may be able to credit your class for another date. Alternatively, we recommend you coordinate for someone else to take your seat(s).


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