steel decorating tips, 5pc

Stainless Steel Decorating Tips, Set of 5

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Set of 5 stainless steel nozzles composed of two plain nozzles (02 and 8mm), 1 star nozzle, 1 nozzle for yule log, and 1 filling tube.

This set offers a wide range of possible uses: filling moulds, vegetables or hollow cakes, garnishing, making cream decorations, choux, meringues... with hot and cold preparations.

Without seams. Sturdy nozzles, ideal for heavy duty use.
Identical fluting: same size, same shape and an even space between each fluting for consistent and quality results.

Fine precision work thanks to its very neat finish.
Permanent markings for easy identification of the nozzle size.
They adapt to all types of pastry piping bags. Care: dishwasher-safe.