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La Cuisine is excited to be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary, from September 20-30. Check out all the special events we have planned!


Pie Bake Off

Pie Bake Off Rules:
Test your pie baking skills and help La Cuisine celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.

1.  Contest is open to kids, teens, and adults of all ages. Amateur bakers only. 
2.  Professional bakers cannot compete. A professional is defined as someone who works for a bakery, works for or owns a catering company, or someone who sells pies.
3.  Each pie entered must have an entry form, completed through our online link no later than Sept 22, 6PM. Pies must be dropped off at La Cuisine on Saturday, Sept 23 at 12:00PM. Winners will be announced at 3 p.m.  
4.  Pies must be homemade, from scratch. Bakers may not use store bought crust or pie filling.
5.  Contestants may enter up to four pies, one in each category (gluten free, no-bake, 1 crust, and 2 crust)
6. If your pie requires refrigeration, you must notify us of that upon drop-off.
7. Each pie submitted must include a recipe with the list of ingredients.
8. If you want your pie pan back, come to reclaim it at La Cuisine following the awards ceremony.  Alternatively, please use a disposable, foil pan.

1. Judges will use the scoring guide shown.
2. Judges will not know the identity of the pie bakers.
3. Judging will begin at 1:00PM with awards announced at 3:00PM
4. Judges will independently assign each pie a score without consultation.
5. In the case of a tie, judges will judge those pies again.
6. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place.

Overall Appearance, 25 Points
Before slicing
Crust/Topping consistency
After slicing
Juiciness, or firmness

Taste, 20 points    
Flavor [strength & balance]
Mouth feel [appropriateness]
Crust [flaky, soggy, mealy]

All Judges’ decisions are final!  Good Luck!