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graduation guide

MSU Spring Commencement | May 12, 2023
Bozeman High School Graduation | June 3, 2023 

Graduation symbolizes an end and a beginning, all in one big celebration. Our students transition into a whole new stage of life, whether that be higher education, employment, or a life long career.

Many times, that also means our babes go out into the world to make a new home for themselves. Living well on their own should include cooking for themselves and creating a healthy lifestyle that feeds their soul and supports their daily goals.

  • La Cuisine Gift Card: Let your grad gain the skills they need to choose exactly what s/he needs or wants; booking a cooking class with a friend or two and learning to provide healthy meals will sustain them for a lifetime

  • Most of us don't naturally know how cook or have a favorite meal memorized. We carry over 100 cookbooks for all levels and food needs to guide your grad through healthy living 

  • Quality tools matter and your grad will find greater success and want to cook at home with cookware that will last through this season and beyond. The absolute best, first cast iron pan? A 5 QT Dutch Oven from Staub, made in France - durable, elegant and it truly will last a lifetime! 

  • Create the perfect gift basket full of Towels, Table Linens, and Kitchen Gadgets that every home needs

  • Coffee Pots, Blenders, Mixers, Toasters, oh my! Don't forget the small electrics that make the big jobs easy