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The La Cuisine Buyers Club is a great way for you to earn rewards for the things you already do – shopping for the best kitchenware, tools, gadgets, and entertaining accessories.

 So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to have more fun in your kitchen than ever before.

$1 = 1 point for all retail purchases made online or in the store. Redeem your rewards after you have reached 250 points* or more.

  • Redeemable points are only available on following purchases, at a later date.
  • Points are calculated by the dollar amount to the left of the decimal; they are not rounded up.
  • Save your points and earn even more!
    • Earn 250 points, Save $10
    • Earn 400 points, Save $20
    • Earn 750 points, Save $50
  • You may enter or exit the rewards program at any time.
  • Products purchased through a reward, which are subsequently returned, will result only in an even exchange equal to the amount paid, as if paid with cash. No refunds!
  • Points never expire.
  • Points hold no value for cash and are nontransferable for cash. Points do not amount to ownership, right, title or interest in the Reward.
  • Excludes the purchase of gift cards and classes. Points do not accrue for using non-monetized tender (e.g. employee discounts, gift cards, rewards points, promotional products).
  • To sign up, just select the box at checkout or at the register in our store.

*Reward dollar amounts are total U.S. dollars for products or services purchased excluding taxes, shipping, wrapping and other costs.

La Cuisine reserves the right to change or alter the rewards program at any time, with no advance notice.