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Ravioli Maker

Ravioli Case Maker

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To prepare larger quantities of Ravioli and pasta-case.

  • for preparing square pasta-cases (12 pieces)
  • 3-piece set: Ravioli/ pasta-case board, plastic insert for shaping hollows, wooden rolling pin
  • L 30,2 cm, W 10,8 cm, H 2,5 cm
  • aluminum / plastic / wood
  • dishwasher safe

To prepare larger quantities of Ravioli or pasta-case simply place a sheet of dough onto the flour-sprinkled ravioli maker (1) and press down using the plastic mold (2). Put any filling you want into the equal cups (3), brush the edges with an egg and - milk mixture and cover with another sheet of dough. Run the rolling pin across the dough with light pressure (4), then overturn the maker and the twelve dough pockets will come off easily.