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Summit 10pc. Cast Iron Fondue, Black Matte - La Cuisine

Summit 10pc. Cast Iron Fondue, Black Matte

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Sometime after World War II, Swiss cooks began cooking meat in hot oil as an alternative to their beloved cheese fondue - a kind of French-fried meat supper. It became known as fondue Bourguignon because the French-speaking Swiss are descended from the Burgundians.
Tip: The cooking oil should be heated in the metal fondue pot on top of the kitchen stove. The optimum temperature for frying the meat is 375ºF, although it can be cooked properly down to 360ºF. A deep-frying thermometer is an essential tool for telling when the oil has reached the frying temperature. 


  • A unique culinary experience best enjoyed year round.
  • Offering the utmost in versatility, cast iron pots are ideal for meat, cheese and chocolate fondue.
  • Enamelled cast iron pot provide even heat distribution, making them ideal for cooking at both high and low temperatures.


  • 6 two-prong fondue forks with color-tipped handles
  • Removable stainless steel splatter guard
  • 1 L / 1.05 QT capacity cast iron pot
  • Stainless steel rechaud with wood base
  • Stainless steel fondue burner